What to Expect When You Start Your Phen375 Diet

Phen 375 is a supplement designed to accelerate weight loss using a combination of high quality ingredients. An appetite suppressant and fat burner in one, Phen375 helps manage calorie consumption by reducing cravings and pushing your metabolism into overdrive.

How Phen 375 Works

The idea behind the supplement's formula is to cut calories while increasing the rate at which the body burns fat, two processes essential for successful weight loss.

Phen375 achieves this by combining metabolism-boosting ingredients with appetite-suppressing compounds.

How Phen375 Works

Phen 375 Ingredients

Unlike many dietary supplements on the market, Phen375 has an impressive list of refined ingredients. These have been carefully combined to help your body shed unwanted pounds naturally. They include:

L-Carnitine: this compound boosts your energy levels by releasing fat into your bloodstream.
Cayenne Pepper: an herb well known for increasing body temperature to burn fat
Citrus Aurantium: increases your fat-burning capacity by speeding up the metabolism of fat
Caffeine Powder Anhydrous: an appetite suppressant that curbs food cravings to manage caloric intake
Coleus Forskolli Root PE: increases AMP levels and stimulates adenylyn cyclase to achieve fast results
Dendrobium Nobile Extract: substance derived from orchids to ease digestion

The mentioned ingredients are considered safe. All supplements are manufactured in facilities with FDA approval. This is a good sign that the formula is effective and rarely causes side effects.

Before you buy Phen375, bear in mind that there are different formulas for US and EU users. The EU formula does not contain Citrus Aurantium and Coleus Forskolli Root PE.

According to experts and Phen375 reviews, the results are more or less the same. Missing ingredients do not make a significant difference.

The Phen 375 Diet Plan

Healthy Diet PlanEach bottle of supplements has instructions on how many to take a day and when. The company also recommends following the diet and exercise plan offered on the website.

Plans are free and available at no charge.

You can expect to eat a lot of green veggies, legumes (especially beans) and nuts. Lean protein, whole grains and berries also feature a lot in the diet plan. You are allowed to cook with olive oil and eat oatmeal but without sugar.

The diet consists of six meals and should be eaten with plenty of water. Depending on how active you are and the muscle you want to develop, you can tweak your protein intake to suit your needs.

Exercise is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.

You don't need to hit the gym to see results, but the makers of Phen375 do suggest you take a short walk once in a while.

Phen 375 Results

If the hundreds of positive Phen375 reviews are anything to go by, there is no doubt that the product works.

The overall plan ticks all the boxes in terms of scientifically proven ways to lose weight. Metabolism-enhancing ingredients — check. Nutritious meal plan — check. Exercise for calorie burn — check. If there is a flaw, it'll be hard to find.

Where to Buy Phen 375

You can only buy Phen375 from the official website.

Although some have bought it from other providers, there is no guarantee you will receive the real deal.